Optoprofiler LLC - Opto-Caliper System
This is a compact probe enabling absolute distance

Our Opto-Caliper prob can be integrated with cables of arbitrary
length with significant improvement over Echoprobe and
Michelson Interferometer solutions.

Hight warp and wafer curvature options are available. Solution
can be provided in single, dual probe, and multiprobe version.
Dual probe version can be implemented for nontransparent
wafers and slab metrology.
Raw Signal
System is using principle similar to extended Fabry Perot fringes. The details are patent
pending and may be disclosed after executing NDA.
Key staff published several papers in the field of measuring thick layers, wafers, using related
Optical Thickness and Distance Probe Specifications

  • Technique: Non-contact IR probe, Single or Dual Probe Mode Operation
  • Wafer size/type: 50, 75, 100, 200, or 300 mm, materials Si, GaAs, InP, Quartz, Glass,
    SiC, Sapphire, and many others
  • Topography (Bow / Warp) range 0 - 300 um , 0 - 3000 um in patent pending extended
  • Si Thickness range: 0.5 to 1000 μm in Single Probe Mode, and up to 3 mm with Dual
    Probe Mode (total thickness)
  • Repeatability: 0.01 μm (1 sigma) in Single Probe Mode  on blanket Si wafer, (0.001 μm
    (1 sigma) optional)
  • 0.05μm (1 sigma) in Dual Probe Mode on blanket Si wafer, better repeatability optional
  • Options: Pattern recognition, Thin Film, and Roughness measurement option
  • Speed of measurement  > 70 Hz

Please note that some specifications may be subject to US export restrictions and
Basic probe for wafer thickness
system configurations: Manual and

We  offer system in configuration
where wafer is placed manually by
In this case system comprises set of
two probes and controller box.
System communicates with PC via USB
We also offer system in configuration where wafer is
placed on XY table (
similar to this shown here)
The Scanning (semi-automatic system) id positioning and
scanning wafer according to user defined recipe.
System communicates with PC via USB interface.